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Chester Wedding Photographer

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What do you look for when booking a Wedding photographer for your ceremony in Chester? Affordability? Professionalism? Local? I’m all of these of course.


I have shot numerous wedding in and around Chester and Cheshire and know a lot of the venues well. The most important thing is to book in for a consultation and a general chat about what you want from your photographer and how I can help you get the best from your wedding day.


Wedding Photographer Chester

Capturing those moments that later you have no idea I had done. I like to let your day unfold as it’s meant to and not be that dreaded photographer that everyone hates where he is shouting at everyone to stand straight and say “cheese”!  I prefer to be a part of your wedding party and blend in as much as I can.

Happy Memories

Your not just booking me because you need a photographer, you’re investing in memories, as cheesy as it sounds it’s true, you really won’t get those moments back and they really are priceless. In years to come you can look back and smile.


Stress free

I’m laid back, in fact I have had brides (and grooms) say I help calm them down. Your day should be a happy one not a stressful one. I’m happy to be there and you should be too, enjoy every moment, because before you know it it will be all over in the blink of an eye, thankfully I’ll have photographed all those happy moments, emotional tears and all the little details.





If you’d like to book me for your wedding day, drop me a quick email or Facebook me to see if I’m free.



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