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Queen hotel wedding in Chester

Queen hotel wedding in Chester

At first glance of the Queen hotel wedding in Chester you wouldn’t really think it was anything special, and you certainly wouldn’t associate it with weddings, I have to say I was mistaken after photographing Jack and Kate’s wedding there.  The Queen hotel is perhaps one of the nicest in Chester, it has it’s little quirks, a beautiful courtyard for Summer weddings, the function room is stunning and the food is excellent. I would say this is an ideal wedding venue for anybody who wants to hold their wedding in Chester.

The weather was kind to us on the day, perhaps a little too kind as in roasting hot kind. Jack and Kate were such nice people, laid back and looked very glamorous, Kate’s wedding dress was stunning and had everybody commenting and crying, happy tears of course. Katie made her own brooch bouquet, countless hours putting it all together for her special day.

Here are just a few of Jack and Kate’s wedding day and if you need a photographer and would like to book me for your wedding please get in touch.


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