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Why You Should Seek Your Photographer’s Help with the Timeline Before the Wedding Day

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Why You Should Seek Your Photographer’s

Help with the Timeline Before the Wedding Day

I’ve been shooting weddings for a few years now and there have only been a handful of timelines that have ran on time. Make up can over run, lets face it, you ladies do take a while to get ready. The car might be running late, these things happen, something might go missing, the father of the bride might of forgotten his cufflinks (don’t worry I keep spares). Best laid plans. The remainder of the day has little pockets of time where they need to be made up so everything can still run smoothly and nothing is missed out. I know this, the wedding co-ordinator at the venue knows this but brides don’t because they won’t of usually have gone through it before.

I therefore ask the right questions during our meetings.

What time is the car picking you up? What time is your ceremony? What time is your wedding breakfast? What time is your first dance?  I then work backwards. I arrive early for bridal preps, I set off for the venue early as possible to beat the wedding car and get some groom preps. I follow a shot list for formal photos and try and get portraits done in good time before everyone is called in for the wedding breakfast. We do a mock cutting of the cake to save doing it during the busy time before first dance.


I’m flexible

I’ve gotten used to things not going like clockwork and every wedding is different. If things do run late, don’t panic, if there was a certain shot we missed due to the wedding co-ordinator screaming at you to come in or the dinners ruined (or something along those lines) don’t worry, we can try and get that shot in after if it’s possible. The main thing to remember is not to stress over the details, you’re there to enjoy the day, after all it’s your wedding day not boot camp.

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Like I say don’t stress over the details, that’s what the maid of honour is for. Talking of details I try and capture as many as possible, so after your big day and you get the first glimpse of your wedding photos you’ll be saying ahhh I didn’t see him take that..or that..or that.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post and it’s helped, even if just a little.

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